Adrienne Monson 2What is your favorite fictional character or creature?

Loaded question. I have a few favorites! Obviously, I’m a fan of vampires. But I also love mythical and fairytale creatures. Narrowing it down to a single character is just too much for me.

What is the one writing tool you couldn’t live without?

Computer! I have the worst handwriting, and I do at least three revisions before sending to my editor. I don’t know how Jane Austen did it with just a pen.

What are you looking forward to at Comic Con?

Everything! I love meeting fellow geeks and seeing their awesome costumes. The panels are a riot, and who doesn’t enjoy meeting celebrities?

When did you know you were a writer?

When I became an avid reader. That was in third or fourth grade. I just didn’t actively do anything about it until I became a stay-at-home mom.

If you could be any character in one of your stories, who would it be and why?

Rinwa. She’s badass and is an incredible warrior with a sarcastic, snarky attitude.

eyes_of_persuasion 2What path did you take to publication?

I went through a traditional, small press publisher. It’s been a good experience so far. I also just self-published a novella (release date August 29, 2014), which has been extremely educational.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been seriously writing for about seven years, but I’ve always dabbled.

Favorite author who inspired you?

Again, just one? Really? I can probably narrow the list down to a few: Ann Rice, Stephen King, Karen Marie Moning, Tami Hoag. I’d love to list more, but I’m using all the restraint within my fangirl heart!

Favorite read in the last six months?

Tough one! I’ll go with Styxx, by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Which of your characters would you expect someone to dress up as during Comic Con?

Leisha, Ptah, Rinwa, and Tafari.

What books will you be selling at Comic Con?

Dissension, Book One of the Blood Inheritance Trilogy, and Eyes of Persuasion (the self-published novella)

How do you organize your thoughts into a cohesive storyline?

It just happens for me. I’m a discovery writer, and the story just seems to flow well. And the parts that don’t, I change. 🙂

dissension_lg 2What inspired you to write?

My love for reading and all things fiction.

Would you consider writing a fan as a character in one of your books?


When can fans expect your next book?

Defiance, Book Two in the Blood Inheritance Trilogy comes out February 2015.

Adrienne Monson

Twitter: @adriennemonson