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Here is some basic info if you want to get a Comic Con/FanX Booth.

Average Cost:

Cost for 5 authors: $235 to $310 each just for the booth.
Recommended Booths: Vendor Booth
Booth Cost: $900-1,200 (could go up each year)
Booth size: 10×10
Booth badges: 4
Extra badges: $40 (not sure how many we could get)

Additional costs include:
– Book inventory (expect to sell 20 to 40 books)
– Flyers
– Cards/Book marks
– Parking
– Food

Tips for selling more books

  1. Have a rocking cosplay costume! The cosplay costume should:
    1. Draw attention – Tell people you are an author promoting your book and watch them sell themselves.
      You don’t have to be pushy, you just gave them a good Cosplay experience and so they think you might give them a good book experience too.
    2. Allow people to see your face – A costume that hides your face won’t sell books as well.
      Note: If the costume is someone other than the author, then any costume that brings attention to the booth works.
  2. Pile your the books high. The bigger the pile, the more you will sell.
  3. Put your book in as many hands as possible. People are more likely to buy if they hold the book.
  4. If they turn you down, ask them to buy your eBook from Amazon as it is cheaper.
  5. If they turn down the eBook, get their email or ask them to put your book on their GoodReads To Reads list or Amazon wish list.
  6. Run a give-a-way for something that isn’t your book. If you are giving your book away, no one is going to buy it.