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Hey all members,

This sight is designed with the following purpose:

Site Purposes

  1. Promote Utah Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors. (Especially those in the UFA group.) A place to reblog your release date blogs, etc…
  2. Gather Fans/Readers as followers and get their email addresses so we can better market new releases to them.
  3. Home of the Utah Fantasy Authors anthology.

Author Posts

Keep it to one release date announcements, one cover reveal, and the actual release. Post release advertisement is allowed, but it should be big and should be like once a quarter.

Book Reviews

1. Anyone can post a book review as long as it is a book by a Utah author. Please use this book review template: template

2. Make sure to minimize all amazon links and add this tag to them: tag=utahfantasyauthors-20
Note: Amazon URLs should look like this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EQANIJU?tag=utahfantasyauthors-20
All links should look identical except for the ASIN.
http://www.amazon.com/dp/{ASIN HERE}?tag=utahfantasyauthors-20

So don’t copy the huge Amazon link just copy the ASIN and add to the existing link.

Blog Posts

Blog posts about writing is allowed.

Blog posts about events and conferences is allowed.

Not a Dictatorship

This site is not a dictatorship. Everyone involved should make suggestions.